What type oF foods can ifuse print on?


there are many different infused food products on the market. the iFUSE direct-on-edible service product can be applied to many of the infused edibles available. LDISP also provides other direct-on-edible print methods for the more difficult infused food products.


Does LDISP advertise on client's behalf?

Yes. All LDISP public campaigns are B2C targeted. Campaigns are designed to move the infused edibles industry forward. The infused manufacturers’ clients are driving the need for improved customer safety by request: our countless in-house and independent surveys stir the consumer/patient voice of “ask for iFUSE by name”. The benefit to your company is increased new customers, brand loyalty and reduced advertising costs. The LDISP mobile app is designed for real-time engagement with consumers/patients. The iFUSE app can also be configured as a co-branded app with your organization. white labeling is also available.


What type of ink test does LDISP use?

Our FDA approved inks go through a leachable/extractable test whereby non-jetted ink is compared to ink that had been printed through the cartridge. Our resulting-jetted ink passed all tests for heavy metal and other non-hazardous materials. There is no foam used in the cartridge. The outer part of the cartridge is stainless steel—the ink is contained in a sanitary, mylar bag inside the cartridge. The cartridge can easily be cleaned if a product hits the printer head.    


How much does Ifuse cost?

iFUSE is a pay-per-print service. we also have options for bulk packaging.

please contact us @ 844.697.6672 for a free price quote.


How does LDISP handle Equipment, Maintenance and replacement?

We have models of controllers that can run 1 to 4 print heads, with the print heads being capable of 75-foot spacing. So, one controller can run on several conveyors. Our equipment is in stock for quick shipment from New Jersey and can be shipped anywhere in the U.s..

In reference to servicing, our printers have no spare parts and no service needed other that of wiping or changing the print cartridge itself. There are no end-user serviceable parts on the printers. In the event of a catastrophic failure, we will ship a replacement printer.


Does LDISP provide service in my state?

yes. the iFUSE service product can be provided in any legalized state where medicinal and/or recreational use is permitted.


Does LDISP sell directly to the consumer?

LDISP is currently working on a consumer based product. please join our mailing list for future updates.