Code Tech Corporation Partners with CMUSA (Now Life-Data)

Makers of the first Direct-On-Edible Warning Label Solution for cannabis-infused ingestible products. Code Tech Corporation to partner with CannaMarkUSA™, who are the makers of the first ever, patent-pending Direct-On-Edible Warning Label Solution for cannabis-infused ingestible products.


New Haven, CT, July 14, 2016 --( CannaMarkUSA is a Direct-On-Edibles solution designed for the infused edibles industry to inform consumers that a product contains cannabis. CannaMarkUSA also strives to become an industry standard by shifting the edibles sector towards self-compliance.

CannaMarkUSA’s partnership with Code Tech brings a combined 40+ years experience in emerging industries, edible ink processes, and industry compliance. Code Tech believes CannaMarkUSA is ahead of the current regulations. Together Code Tech and CannaMarkUSA will provide the cannabis market a safer product and allow other states considering legalization a proven way to differentiate “like-looking” products.

The CannaMarkUSA Direct-On-Edibles warning label is made of 100% all natural, FDA-approved inks and is applied directly on the infused product itself. This means the warnings and product information that it carries is not discarded with the packaging. This solution enables the consumer to immediately identify a cannabis-infused product to then keep it away from children and pets.

CannaMarkUSA is a publicly responsible Benefit Corporation to assist with the hard work, passion and dedication it takes to move the industry forward responsibly.

“I believe “CannaMarkUSA is providing a valuable service and product for this emerging industry,” says Code Tech Co-Founder and CEO, Mike Shaw. “Their product will provide additional safety measures across the industry.”

About Code Tech Corporation
Code Tech brings together innovative and cost-effective solutions for clients to solve their printing problems on virtually any packaging surface while also providing new technologies to address anti-counterfeit concerns of corporations. Code Tech differentiates itself by providing superior client support.

About CannaMarkUSA, Infuse Responsibly™
CannaMarkUSA is the first ever patent-pending, cost-effective, Direct-On-Edible warning label solution for marijuana-infused ingestible products. CannaMarkUSA is a Benefit Corporation and prides itself on being a “Publicly Responsible” company to inform the consumer and promote self-compliance in the edibles sector.

Joy Macko
Chief Operations Officer